Family owned and operated since 2009, Quality Refinishing & Restoration LLC started with one simple Mission...
"To Be The Best Refinishing Company in the Business"

Our Philosophy

Golf is a simple game, put the ball in the hole with the fewest strokes. Simple. Here-in lies the rub, it's not easy. If it were, we would all be professional golfers.

It takes hard work and dedication to excel at any given area of life. Quality Refinishing & Restoration is dedicated to providing our customers with the best Quality, Service, and Price.

Meet the Owner

Greg A. Gartzke

The Buck stops here!
As a customer of mine, you work with me and only me, the Owner.
Not that I couldn't use the help, but I've learned that I would rather work alone than deal with the problems employees can cause.

"I can personally guarantee that your job gets done right."

Quality Refinishing

What to Expect when Refinishing

Refinishing Kitchen Countertops, Bathroom Vanities, Tile, Bathtub and Showers, all have one thing in common... "Prep Work." Close to 80% of any job is preparation. The better the prep work, the better the final results. This is a step by step by step process and critical to the overall quality and finish of any job.

As with most refinishing professionals, we use a 2 step cleaning process that when complete leaves the surface with a PH neutral balance which is the ideal condition for refinishing. We use only the best industrial cleaners available.

Protecting your homes fixtures and surfaces that are Not being resurfaced is the next step for preparation. Most jobs require a Spray-On Application, so the cabinets below the countertops are covered with a masking film. Flooring is covered with a Rosin Paper, Drop Cloth(s) or both. Other areas may be covered with a masking tape and masking paper. Many Kitchen jobs require a temporary plastic zip walls to isolate the work from adjacent rooms. Every precaution is taken to protect your home. Again, we use only the best product available to protect your home.

There's 80% of the work needed for refinishing. Simple, Right? (Of course, easier said than done)

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With all the prep work completed, now comes the magic. The first step here is to apply a wipe on primer or bonding agent. This will help chemically adhere the new surface to the existing one. The next steps are applied with a HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) spray system.

  • Base coat Primer. This is an industrial 2 part epoxy primer. Typical of primers used on off shore oil rigs. Made for harsh environments.
  • Acryic Urathane Topcoat for Tubs and Showers. (Typically Solid Colors)
  • Multi-Spec / Faux-Granite for Countertops, Vanities, and Tile.
  • Clearcoat Acrylic (Typically Semi-Gloss) For Multi-Spec Surfaces.
  • Note to customers: Because these spray-on applications have a strong odor, we will always us a high volume exhaust blower to remove these odors. Most odors will gas off overnight. We do use Low VOC and isocyanate free products for your safety.

One last step applies to refinishing of bathtubs and showers and that is detailing. Detailing is done after the new surface has had time to cure. Typically the following day. This is how we stand out from other refinishers. Detailing is that extra step that separates a good job from a great job. We inspect the quality our work to insure your fixture has the shine and luster of a new tub.

The last step for us is to remove the protective masking and leave the room cleaner than we found it.

We hope you enjoy our work for years to come.